Verena Großbötzl

Psychotherapie Linz

Individual Psychology

Individual Psychology is a psychotherapeutic method developed by Alfred Adler. It assumes that every person is unique and pursues an individual life goal. The focus of therapy is to understand the subjective perception of clients and help them recognize and utilize their own strengths and abilities.

Individual Psychology sees the individual as part of a social context and considers interpersonal relationships as important influencing factors on individual experiences and behaviors. The therapist works with the client to develop new ways of action and pursue their goals in a realistic and achievable manner.

Core Principles of the Method

The core principles integrated within Individual Psychology include:

  • The significance of life goals and individual meaning
  • The necessity of social and community feelings for a fulfilling life
  • The role of childhood experiences and early influences in shaping later personality development
  • The importance of a strong sense of self and self-esteem for mental well-being
  • The human capacity to take control of one’s life and assume responsibility
  • The belief that individuals carry their own solutions within themselves, with the therapist serving as a helper and guide
  • A focus on specific life situations and current problems of the clients
  • Emphasizing the holistic nature of human beings, recognizing the unity of body, mind, and soul